Copy, export, and import branding policies

Duplicate existing branding policies or import policies from other Strivacity clusters.

Branding policy pageBranding policy page

Copy a branding policy

1) Click on the copy icon Copy iconCopy icon of a branding policy.

2) An identical copy of the policy will be made. The new policy's name will be appended with 'copy'.

3) You can make changes to the copied policy before saving.

Learn more about general settings for brand policies and branding capabilities

4) Once you've made the necessary changes, click Save.


Your copy will be added to the branding policy list.

Export a branding policy

1) Select Select iconSelect icon a branding policy.

2) Click on the overflow menu Menu iconMenu icon appearing on the right.

3) Click on 'Export selected'.

Branding policy selected for exportBranding policy selected for export


A dialogue will open asking you to confirm your action.

4) Click 'Export' to continue.


The Admin Console will prepare a JSON file to download.

5) Save your JSON file to a folder of your choice.

Import a branding policy

1) Click on the downward pointing arrow Down arrow iconDown arrow icon at '+ Create Branding Policy'.

2) Select 'Import from JSON file'.

Branding policy import optionBranding policy import option


Only JSON files of the same policy type, exported from a Strivacity cluster can be imported successfully.

3) Your file manager will open. Select a previously exported branding policy file.

4) You can confirm importing with 'Done' when the process finishes.


Importing may take a couple of seconds.

Import branding policy successImport branding policy success

The imported policy will be added to the branding policy list:

Branding policy listBranding policy list